Friday, August 16, 2013

The topic everyone seems to talk about - Diet


I got a bit of a telling off this morning from my good friend, Morag, who said she wanted to follow my blog but I had only posted once and if I didn't get on with it she wouldn't follow me.  I know what she means - I get addicted to reading people's blogs each day and get very disappointed if the blogs aren't updated (hint hint Chris Cox-Hancy).

Just after the conversation with Morag I bumped into someone I hadn't seen for a while who happened to say "you have put on some weight Caryn" - the day clearly wasn't going well so far.   Was she right I thought?  For 2 years I had faithfully being following the Dukan diet after I came to realise that just because I exercised 12 hours a week getting ready for my half iron man it didn't mean I could eat what I wanted (that was a very disappointing finding).  Dukan was awesome for me - its all about high protein, low carbs.  I don't know why I didn't stay on it as my weight was stable the whole time and I got other health benefits I hadn't expected e.g. my cholesterol which was about '7' dropped by half. 

Anyway, a few months ago I decided to try the LCHF - low carb, high fat.  I thought I had died and gone to heaven.  I had cream with my berries and nuts in the morning, cooked my veggies in butter, ate rich cheeses and finally remembered how good food tasted.  

However, my weight increased by about 3 kgs in a month (no surprises there I hear you say)  so perhaps I wasn't doing things right.  It is hard to face going back to yoghurt with no fat and no sugar after all that gorgeous cream so I am reading a lot about other diet options such as Primal and Paleo diets which everyone seems to be talking about.  Just eating 'real' food rather than processed food seems a really good idea.

I am heading back to NZ in a fortnight to celebrate my Dad's 80th birthday so I am going to catch up with Mikki Williden who is a nutritionist and talk all these diet options through to try and find what is right for me.  I hear that you can run a kilometre 8 seconds faster for each kilo you lose (assuming you have some weight to lose) I have about 5 kilos to drop which adds up to 40 seconds a kilometre - that's a lot of time I can save over a 42 km run course - so well worth understanding how best to get to my goal weight.

My friend Kirsty who has signed up for her first 5km event is also going to explore a diet option so we will track our findings.  

On the subject of food though - it really isn't cheap eating good quality food - especially here in Singapore.  Have a look at the price I paid today for Greek yoghurt (I thought I would try to mix the LCHF with Dukan this week) and the price I paid for some other essential items - I have turned very patriotic since living abroad so always try to find NZ produce.  Needless to say the Cloudy Bay didn't get to come home with me......far too pricey....thank goodness for Fat Bird which seems to always be on special here - another great NZ Sav that I hadn't heard of before arriving in Singapore.  Cheers.

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