Saturday, August 24, 2013

Massage - an essential part of any marathon build up

Leaving my drink bottle on the dining table along with my sunglasses was not a good start to my long run this morning -

although the upside was I did start at 8 am before the blazing sun was up unlike yesterday's midday run.  I think 60-70 minutes is about the longest I would want to run without water in this humidity as dehydration can have a significant effect on your performance. So 70 minutes run time it was today.

Speaking of performance, I highly recommend a good massage as often as you can afford it - time wise and cost wise.  Massage is great to stretch out those tired muscles and some well deserved relaxation.  When I am home in NZ I am lucky enough to enjoy the benefits of having a mother who is a great masseuse and has her own clinic at home.  Fortunately for me whilst I am in Singapore, there is a wonderful new massage clinic less than 5 minutes walk from the front door. Nimble and Knead.  They do an amazing massage and I usually book it for 90 minutes - absolute bliss.

The fascinating thing about Singapore is the 'packages' that every nail salon and massage clinic offer to ensure your repeat business.  For about $500 upfront you can secure yourself some great deals - the more you pay upfront the better the deal.   Needless to say I do get caught up in the hype and I have a package at Nimble and Knead.

So with all the running I have been doing I thought that today was a good day to head down and enjoy a massage.    They start with a foot bath soaking your feet in warm water, limes and then a foot scrub....

Then its on to the table for an amazing massage.

What an amazing way to spend a Sunday afternoon - and all going well I am now ready for another week of training :)

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