Tuesday, August 27, 2013

New beginnings

As I come to the end of my first 12 months in Singapore I had begun to think about the future.  Should I go home to NZ or should I stay longer?  Decisions, decisions.  Then unexpectedly I was approached by a friend I had met through Triathlon Club here in Singapore, Chester Sullivan-Manders.  

Unbeknown to me Chester was an Executive Search Professional and he was about to talk with me about a new opportunity that would prove too exciting to ignore.  As a result of that discussion I have now accepted a wonderful new opportunity in Organisational Change Management which starts on 23 September and goes through to June 2014. So I guess I will be staying a bit longer in Singapore.

It is amazing how many wonderful friends I have met through triathlon circles and the opportunities that have come from those wonderful friendships - I bought my dream home in Takapuna from my dear friend, Clara Budd, who I met at the North Harbour Triathlon Club - and she has supported me in my half ironman and marathon events - even walking the last 17 Kms of the 2012 North Shore Marathon with me after I blew up from going out to fast (rookie mistake).  Its amazing how many of life's problems you can solve walking alongside a wonderful friend over a 17 km distance - just ask Clara.

My dream home is currently rented out to the awesome Kilding family who I met through Clara as the Kilding's are building their dream home across the road from mine and needed somewhere to rent - this was just as I was leaving Auckland and heading to Singapore - timing is everything.   

And then Chester pops up and surprises me with his profession and an unexpected opportunity - you just never know who you are training alongside in the Triathlon world and where that new relationship may take you.

I have such a lot to be thankful for and that includes thanks to Helen O'Toole who hired me at ASB in Auckland and introduced me to Triathlon and the North Harbour Triathlon Club where Steve Farrell is the coach who introduced me to Michael Lyons, the coach of Tri Edge Singapore, where Chester was a member.  What a small and wonderful world.  Thank you to all of you for the part you have played in my journey - I am truly grateful.

I wonder what will happen next ?

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