Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Well the official marathon build up started this week with 12 weeks to go till the Singapore marathon on 1 December.  

So its not a good start when I wake up on Monday and can't even put my foot on the floor following the 10km race on Sunday.  It seems I pulled my calf muscle rather badly.  

In hindsight I probably shouldn't have started the race as I noticed something pull behind my knee when I got off the plane last Friday - but anyone who is a runner knows the dilemma of being ready to race and wanting to find a way to make it happen despite being aware of a niggling injury emerging.  

Now that the damage is done I have a two pronged approach - my mothers wonderful massage skills....with ice and heat treatments...

and a bottle of anti inflammatorys.  The two go hand in hand brilliantly.

Fortunately, I am staying with my mum and dad this week and each morning when I wake up I move slowly from the bed to mum's massage table.  Each day the pain lessens and I am now walking much more comfortably and am very excited to be able to enjoy the gorgeous Milford Beach scenery at a more leisurely pace.

Hardly a soul in sight - what a beautiful country we live in.

Anyway baby steps in the recovery journey - the aim is to be out for a long slow run on Sunday morning.  Will keep you posted.

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