Saturday, September 7, 2013

Paleo 30 day challenge starts today

Well I am now back in Singapore after a whirlwind visit to Auckland.  It was a very long day yesterday  flying back via Sydney to take advantage of Qantas and Premium Economy - and yes I would do the trip again despite the 4 hour layover in Sydney.  It was a pleasure having the extra leg room to enjoy the 3 movies I watched.  Have you seen 'The Call' with Halle Berry?  It was great.

Before leaving Auckland, I managed to catch up with my wonderful coach, Sue Dorman, who is currently adjusting my marathon training schedule after the injury last week so that it includes some cross training to take to load off my calf muscle which is still healing well.

We enjoyed a coffee at one of my favourite places in Milford - Hamic which is a small local cafe.  Then it was on to a phone catch up with nutritionist, Mikki Williden, who has put me on the 30 day Paleo challenge.  I had lost my way from a food perspective and it is time to get back on track.  Mikki will help me on this journey and she suggested I download the app 'EasyDietDiary' so I can keep track of what I eat and then email it to her!  No pressure!   There is also another great app 'Paleo Central' and if you are not sure if a food is 'Paleo' you just type in the name of the food and it gives you a 'green tick' for 'yes' or a 'red cross' for No.  My good friend Kirsty, is joining me on the Paleo challenge - we start today if you want to join in too!  The biggest challenge for me is no dairy (I was eating a kilo a day) and no wine!  I am not sure how I will manage but trust me, you will hear all about it!

So it was off to the Tiong Bahru market this morning for fresh fish, meat, vegetables and eggs which make up the Paleo challenge.  For those of you who know me well, you know I don't shop in local markets.  I shop at the ex pat supermarket where it is air conditioned and smells fresh.  But Morag and Kirsty's mum (Dianne) is staying and she took me to the market this morning and I was blown away at how fresh and how cheap the food was in the market which is less than 5 minutes walk from the front door.  You just need a 'peg' to block your nose.

First we went to the fish market with the fish having been delivered directly from Norway:

Then on to the meat section - the beef is delivered directly from NZ and Australia:

On to the chicken section (I left off the photo as its a bit disturbing - put it this way, the chicken was very fresh)....

And then onto the vege stall:

Here are the contents of our purchases:

and then we found the organic eggs which had been laid yesterday:

And home we came with our trolley laden which cost less than $100.

So I started the day with 3 boiled eggs for breakfast followed by raspberries and some coconut milk.....Paleo suggests only three meals a day which is another challenge for me - so I will head off shortly for my long Sunday run and will be back in time for lunch - fresh salmon and asparagus.

I got on the scales this morning and am now not allowed back on them for 30 days - so it will be interesting to see what happens.  Watch this space.....

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  1. What are you going to do with the lemons if you're not allowed Vodka ??
    I feel for you Caryn :)