Saturday, August 8, 2015

Training Begins

I haven't blogged in over 14 months since my return from Singapore where I spent almost two years living and working.  So I thought now would be a good opportunity to pick up the laptop and capture my next new adventure.

I have always liked a challenge and this year isn't any different - I have signed up to run my first ultra marathon - an off-road trail run in Rotorua, New Zealand - The Tarawera 50km.  I have a training programme all sorted (thanks to coach Sue Brewster) and a great training buddy (Simone Guy).  Sue and Simone have also signed up to run the 50km so we hope to have a blast.

Taking a break on a Saturday morning training run
The ultra-marthon journey actually started almost 12 months ago when I signed up for a 60km event also at Tarawera, but during the build up I completely psyched myself out and eventually withdrew.  I did travel down to the event though as both Sue and Simone were taking part.  It was such an incredible event and I spent the day cheering on Sue and Simone who finished the course in approximately 9 hours (just 10 minutes apart).  I was so in awe of their achievements that I thought I needed to get over myself and sign up again.  I have to add that the 50km distance doesn't scare me as much as the 60km so I am hoping I don't psyche myself out this time.

I have run (jogged/walked) a number of marathons over the years but they have all been on the road - so trail running is really new to me - I entered a couple of trail events over the last few months and it is so much more fun than pounding the pavements (apart from the day I lost my running shoes in the mud at Riverhead).  NZ is such a beautiful country and I am continually surprised by the many trails around that I never knew existed.

Training is now underway with just 14 weeks to go until the Tarawera 50km and early this morning Simone and I headed up to Long Bay, just North of Auckland, for a 2 hour training run - the weather was a bit gloomy with patches of heavy rain and hail (what can one expect in the middle of winter) - but nothing was going to dampen our enthusiasm to hit a new trail - the views were amazing and well worth getting up so early for.  Until next time…..

Heading towards Okura
On the way back to Long Bay Beach

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