Friday, November 1, 2013

A week I hope will never repeat!

Well things weren't so bright last week but they were about to get a whole lot worse.  For those of you who know me well you will know that I always imagine the worst possible outcomes to situations especially if my gorgeous girl gets sick but even I hadn't imagined what would eventuate this week.

I mentioned last week that Soph had got the chickenpox - hers turned out to be one of the worst cases that the Doctor had seen.  The older you get the worse it is.  By Tuesday her temperature was 39 and the spots were raging everywhere - her gums, ears, head and entire body - even her hands and feet - the Doctor said there was no way she could sit any of her remaining 3 exams and I suspect the message was received with a mixed reaction given all the work that had gone into preparing for the exams but also balancing that was the realisation that she couldn't study or get out of bed to attend an exam.   

On Wednesday she was having trouble standing up and I wondered if it was due to her ongoing low levels of iron.  Then her spots started turning black.  Thankfully one of her wonderful friends took her into the hospital where she was admitted.  Her resting heart rate was 168 and an ultrasound of her heart showed the valves had collapsed.  She was so severely dehydrated that she needed 4 litres of fluid pumped into her.  If she hadn't gone to the hospital when she did she was told she would have gone unconscious and her kidneys would have begun to fail.  

While all this went on I was quite unaware of how serious things had become.   Soph had called me to say that she was just going to get her spots checked at the hospital and then that she was being admitted overnight but neither she or I had any clue as to how serious things were.  Although I guess in hindsight you don't get admitted to hospital these days unless things aren't looking good.  

A number of times I have wanted to jump on a plane home (as any parent would) but Soph has been adamant that I don't come as I have not had the chickenpox and she says she couldn't cope if she thought she could pass it on to me.  So I have had to stay close to my phone so we can skype morning and night and text during the day - thank goodness for technology.

The good news is that Soph was given medical clearance to fly home to Auckland today where she is now tucked up safely with grandparents hovering around.  I am hoping now that she can rest up without worrying about exams and packing up her Otago flat for the year that she will get her energy back up.  Oh and plenty of fluids!!

Here is a picture I took of her whilst we were Skyping once she was released from the hospital.

Before signing off I want to give a big shout out to Soph's wonderful school friend, Olivia Harland, who went above and beyond this week with the incredible care she provided my gorgeous girl - she stayed by her side for hours on end despite needing to sit her own exams - Olivia, I will be forever grateful - and Soph, its so good to know you are now home safe and sound - 7 weeks and counting till I will be home with you xxx

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